Flexible Schedule

Any martial art takes time to master, so Soyokaze Dojo has many night and weekend classes to best fit your schedule. You can achieve your black belt in just three hours a week.


Incredible Value

Soyokaze Dojo classes are less expensive than nearly all of the other martial arts schools in the area, and in exchange you learn a serious, traditional martial art from an internationally licensed instructor and get to belong to a worldwide organization.



Safety First

True self defense is more dangerous than sport martial arts, so we train with more care. Soyokaze Dojo's injury rate is lower than your company's after-work kickball league.



Become Stronger, Faster, Fitter

Most people think that martial artists are in great physical shape, and that they themselves are too out of shape to learn martial arts. Only that first part is right; martial artists are in great shape...but how do you think they got that way? Training at Soyokaze Dojo involves flexibility, strength, and endurance exercises that get you into martial artist shape. Your physical conditioning improves right along with your martial arts skills, and unlike the treadmill at the gym this is incredibly fun.

"Unlike the treadmill at the gym, this is incredibly fun!"
- Soyokaze Dojo Student

Belong to Something Great

On the mat you'll find yourself among martial arts brothers and sisters; respectful, friendly, dedicated students just like you who want to learn and grow. On top of that, all Soyokaze Dojo students are members of the International Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei; a martial arts organization that spans over 40 countries. No matter how you look at it, you have a place to belong here.


Your Black Belt, or Another Re-run on the Couch?

Regular training at Soyokaze Dojo is two 1½-hour classes per week. That's the equivalent of just three episodes of your favorite show. Wouldn't you rather be stronger, faster, more fit, more confident, and able to defend yourself and your loved ones? Go ahead and set your DVR to record your shows before you set up your first class; your brothers and sisters on the mat will be ready when you get here.