The Genbukan - Our Source & Governance

All the arts that are learned here at Soyokaze Dojo are under the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation under Tanemura Soke [President, Grandmaster]. Ninpo is said to be the true martial art of Japan, from which all other Japanese arts - such as Jujutsu and Koryu Karate - derive.

The Genbukan and You

When you join Soyokaze Dojo, you also join the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation, a worldwide martial arts organization. Being a member of a worldwide organization has great benefits for you and your training.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that your training has a direct, traceable lineage all the way back to the source of the art. You train under Daniel Brandt Renshi, who trains under Michael Coleman Kyoshi, who is a direct student of Tanemura Soke - the grandmaster of the art - who in turn can trace his masters back to the source of each ryu-ha (style/school). That's how you can be sure you're learning the art in it's correct form; every teacher is ensuring that their students are both performing and teaching the techniques correctly.

Also, as a member in good standing of the organizations, you are now part of a worldwide family of martial artists. When you attend optional training seminars, you will meet other martial art brothers and sisters who share the same goals and challenges in learning the art as you. Same uniform, same techniques, same friendly, respectful, and helpful approach to training as you have.

Are There Fees for Membership?

There are mandatory annual membership fees (nominal) as part of your normal training. Your fee payment is sent to the organization headquarters in Japan; Soyokaze Dojo does not keep your membership nor testing fees, but sends them to Japan so Tanemura Soke (Grandmaster) can send you a signed certificate. In addition, there are fees paid for each successful rank/belt-test. There is no fee for a failed test. 

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What Else should I Know?

To train in the Genbukan, it's not necessary to have experience in another martial art.  If you do it can add to your experience, but most new students are new to the martial arts before they start training with us.  What is most important and necessary are good manners, an open mind, and an understanding that this is not sport, mixed martial arts or competition based. If wish to be involved with any kind of fighting (this is completely different from defending oneself, family, or country), you cannot be a member of Soyokaze Dojo or the associated organizations.

Genbuan World Ninpo Bugei

Genbuan World Ninpo Bugei

Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei

Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei